Top Ten Reasons to Vote Yes for the Roads & Bridges Sales Tax

We must update our roads and bridges. Throughout Habersham County and its cities, the "Roads and Bridges" transportation tax will improve infrastructure that is in critical need of repair. These needs range from roadway drainage, repaving, and pothole repairs to bridge reinforcement and replacement. The sales tax would also allow purchase of new road maintenance equipment and installation of more sidewalks.

The current condition of Habersham roadways is unacceptable. Nearly one-third of our community's bridges require immediate repair or replacement. Our roads also are sub-standard and presently under a 40-year maintenance cycle, while passage of the new sales tax would cut that time period in half.

Roadway safety is not an option. Above all, safety is the overriding reason for supporting the Roads & Bridges sales tax. Safety for our children traveling on school buses. Safety for our families who work and live here. And safety for the many tourists and visitors attracted to our beautiful community.

Transportation infrastructure supports our local economy. Existing industry and tourism would be major beneficiaries of the Roads & Bridges sales tax. A strong infrastructure is important to facilitate the transport of goods and supplies as well as to attract more visitors.

Property tax vs. sales tax. Habersham voters must decide between two of the most likely payment methods for necessary roadway improvements. The one-penny sales tax or a property tax increase. Either way, updating our transportation system is a must.

Lower the pressure on our property tax bills. The Roads & Bridges sales tax may not prevent an increase in property taxes, but it will definitely hold them in check.

SPLOST is simply the fairest tax. A sales tax would spread the burden of funding safe roads and bridges by ensuring that everyone pays - not just Habersham and city property owners. In fact, 40 percent of sales taxes are paid by outsiders visiting or passing through Habersham County.

Leveraging a 2-to-1 investment return. The Roads & Bridges sales tax is projected to raise $35.5 million over five years. However, that investment would be nearly doubled with the additional matching grant funding through the state and federal governments

The Roads & Bridges sales tax is not the same T-SPLOST proposed in 2012. Six years ago, Habersham voters rejected a T-SPLOST that would have distributed funding regionally. The Roads & Bridges T-SPLOST is different. It is a local tax that spends every dollar here in Habersham.

THE LAST WORD: Trust and accountability. A big reason that Habersham voters have supported past SPLOST referenda is their confidence in local citizen watchdog communities with oversight by the independant Habersham Partners for Growth. This same oversight will be put in place for the Roads & Bridges sales tax.

Vote Yes on Nov. 6
(Early Voting Oct. 15 - Nov. 2)
for Roads & Bridges SPLOST!

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